Monday, January 30, 2006

CA-11 blog agrees with Pombo

The ca-11 blog agrees with the logic behind Richard Pombo's public statements on financial aid cuts for students and tax cuts.

Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, in a meeting with the Times editorial board later Thursday, said reductions are key to reducing the federal deficit and defended the tax breaks as important to working families.

"We cut $50 billion out of a $2 trillion budget," Pombo said. "Where is the Democrats' alternative? Whose taxes do they want to raise? You can't have it both ways."

To prove the ca-11 blog agrees with this logic, here is a conversation I had with my wife just yesterday...

Brian: Honey, I've taken a $100,000 cash advance on our credit cards and I gave it to our millionaire neighbor. Oh by the way, since the interest payments are so large I cut the contributions to our the kids' college fund by $2,000 /year.

My wife: What!? Why did you borrow money we'll never be able to pay back and give it to our neighbor? He doesn't need it.

Brian: Working families like us must give more money to millionaire's because they create jobs for the economy and that ends up helping us.

My wife: Are you kidding me? He'll just invest that money in stocks and keep it for himself. That suply-side economics b.s. has been debunked by every credible economist. And what the hell are you doing messing with the kids college fund? How will we send them to college?!

Brian: You can't have it both ways honey. How else can we get that money to our neighbor? What are your ideas for that?


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