Friday, August 17, 2007


Good article in the Tracy Press about Rove's legacy as it relates to CA-11 and all Congressional races.

I basically agree with James Carville who thinks Rove's legacy will be to lose a generation of Republican voters. The damage he's caused will continue to reverberate for some time to come.

Let's remember the depths of Rove's malfeasance are not known. Just take a look at three avenues of Congressional investigations that ain't close to being over.

Moreover, the "politics of hate" will continue. Take a look at each GOP presidential candidate try to prove himself more inclined to torture people than the other guy. The GOP base will be listening to this trash for months to come. It will be quite interesting how candidates like Andal will navigate this rhetorical minefield. Pass the popcorn.

My only hope is that we all remember what happens when we choose party over country and conflate with politics with policy.

And finally, some Friday humor...


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