Friday, May 30, 2008

Jerry McNerney: Undeclared SuperDelegate

So Speaker Pelosi asked all the undeclared superdelegates to make a choice by next week.

Obviously, since he has not done so already Jerry would rather not make any decision and has said previously: "I'll make a decision when I have to."

Well, McNerney "will have to" very soon. Here are his choices:

1. Pick Clinton. CA-11 went decidedly for Clinton (54% Clinton / 40% Obama) so I suspect he has not already supported her because he would rather support Obama or he thinks there would be some fallout for him politically if he supports Clinton.

2. Pick Obama. This would override the will of the Democratic voters in his district. It would speak volumes about who McNerney really is politically speaking. He would have to defend the decision on grounds of his convictions which would be nice to hear. I suspect it would gain him support with Democratic clubs/activists within the district and put him on the "right" side of history due to the liklihood of Obama eventually being the nominee.

3. Do Nothing. This is not an option in my opinion. McNerney would risk much more than any fallout from his choice which is: intra-party war. This would be a clear failing to exercise the leadership the superdels are charged with.

I hope McNerney sees his way clear to make a decision next week. And since we know about Dean Andal's unhinged, fanatical support for John McCain his decision will get us one step closer to get this primary behind us and begin the real business at hand.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

McNerney votes to de-fund Iraq war

McNerney cast a very important vote today. He voted to deny $163 Billion for the purpose of continuing the Iraq war.

I have been very critical of McNerney's past statements and votes on Iraq. I stand by what I've said but this is a huge step in the right direction for McNerney.

Roll call here.