Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pombo running away from his Immigration vote

Pombo may pull a hamstring as he runs away from his vote in favor of HR.4437 which criminalizes the millions of illegal immigrants already employed in the U.S. which completely works against any hope of a "guest worker program".

Contra Costa Times:
Pombo favors a guest-worker program and disagrees with those that want to criminalize illegal immigrants and the people that help them.

The nation needs the workers, he says, and the criminal prosecution of the nation's 11 million or more illegal immigrants would be physically impractical and politically unpalatable.
Danville Weekly:
Pombo also said he favors establishing a guest worker law for undocumented immigrants so they have an opportunity to become part of the country's legal workforce.

"We just can't go out and evict the 15-20 million people who are already here and working," Pombo said. "But you also can't let this problem go on as part of an underground economy."

Why the bamboozle? Perhaps he's suffering from some form of cognitive dissonance? In any case, he's a guy who needs to be more proud of his work.


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

He's not running away from his vote, he's just ignoring the questions. Just as he did when we had our forum in Tracy every time he was asked a question the dam Tracy Press would interupt our dialog. Pombo is skilled enough to know what question's to answer. He lied so much that night that his shorts were steaming. If you know what I mean, have you ever seen a pile of cow dung smoke. That's what was happening. He voted on the new HR 3059 guest worker bill, then shifted to the HR4437 to make felons out of employers and illegals. Get this guy out SOP.

Tom Benigno


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