Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dean Andal: first look

Finally a CA-11 GOP candidate who understands foreign policy...
Not only are Islamic extremists a security threat to the United States, so are the Chinese and Russians, Andal said. In the face of such threats, he said Congress needs to increase its intelligence budget as well as the military's.

Asked whether the United States should withdraw its troops from Iraq, Andal said after the luncheon that candidates and incumbents shouldn't "pontificate" about military strategy and give away secrets to Iraq. However, Andal admitted that no one is happy with the war's results.
Andal displays a masterful grasp of the threats we face, although he forgot Poland. And thank god he won't even utter a single word about Iraq else they get our secrets (and our lucky charms).

What a buffoon.


At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Tim W. said...

No wonder McNerney is ahead in fundraising. Andal is just an idiot. Here's a great find:


It seems Republicans don't even like this guy!


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