Wednesday, March 28, 2007

McNerney is on Karl Rove's hit list

As if we didn't already know. But anyway, in the process of Karl Rove's attempt to corrupt the non-partisan GSA for political gain, Rove's list of top 20 House targets was revealed. This list was presented to GSA employees in an effort to pressure them to use their resources to help GOP candidates. According to testimony here's a key quote attributed to GSA Administrator, Lurita Doan while addressing her staff after the presentation:
"How can we help our candidates in the next election"
Indeed, the administrator of a government agency who handles Billions in taxpayer funded government contracts asking her staff such a question.

Let's be clear on what's going on here. The GOP is in trouble. They are shaking the trees, calling in every marker, pressuring every ally, bending and breaking rules, crossing boundaries that were thought uncrossable, to win back or protect as many seats as possible.

Buckle up CA-11 - it's going to be a bumpy ride.


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