Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pombo's adherence to GOP talking points

is truly stunning. A Luntzie is surely in the works for him. Here are some choice quotes I previously missed in the Danville Weekly's coverage of the McCloskey, Pombo, Benigno forum in Tracy.

Answering a question about alleged corruption in Congress, Pombo said the Internet, a strong media and public hearings have made the current Congress "quite transparent."

"There's much more exposure today and full disclosure of all the money that we spend and receive," Pombo said. "The vast majority of us who serve in Congress are honest, hard-working people."


Pombo favors a guest worker program that would register illegal immigrants and allow them to continue in the essential services they are performing in the fields in the Central Valley and in local restaurants and hotels.

"But I am opposed to an amnesty program," Pombo said.


Pombo said that while no one wants to be in a war, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were in response to Sept. 11, 2001, and the terrorists' attacks. "All but one of the 435 members of Congress gave the president the authority to wage those wars," he said. "To believe that there was a conspiracy or anything else that led us into these wars is spreading a very dangerous idea."

Empahsis mine. Distortions and lies Pombo's.


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

We have not mentioned that Pombo is the Resources Chairman, and with that he has power to open a oversight committee investigation on oversight corruption. The problem with that would be like letting OJ Simpson be the Judge in his own trial. Congressman Miller had a chance to ask for the hearing and he too backed off. What is wrong with these guys. The talking points these people talk about what are they. The war, drilling in ANWAR, offshore drilling, Illigal immigration, the budget, HR4437, What about the economy. jobs, education. If 11 million illegals went home we would not need another school built for the next 10 years. We are building a car from the gas cap forward. Pombo is a puppet in Washington DC.

Tom Benigno

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

George Bush calls Richard Pombo. Hello Rich how are the cows doing? Richard replys, "the hell with the cows, I got all the oil I need to win every election until Hell frezzes over." Bush replys, "with all the ice bergs we have I can drink Tequila forever." The moral of the story is, soon the oil and the ice bergs will be gone. So will the land that we live on.

Tom Benigno


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